Workshop Training; Stage Manager, Lighting, Sound

Camelot Theatre Company announces a new branch to our conservatory for the training and acquiring of qualified technical crew especially in the Lighting Assistant, Audio Assistant, and Stage Manager areas of our operation. This can lead directly to paid internships with our company on upcoming productions. Applicants don’t need any prior experience, only a desire to learn a theatrical skill. Training is FREE, and is on a first come, first served basis. Dates will be announced for the training once enough applicants have expressed interest.

Please write a letter to Camelot’s Artistic Director, Shawn Ramagos, ( and you will receive more information. Please note, if you are interested in more than one of the classes, they will not be at the same time so attendance to all will be possible. Please let us know if you’d like to be considered for more than one of the classes. These classes are open to High school students through any able- bodied working adult of any age. If you are a student in high school please state your age and grade in your letter. The basic class syllabus is below for your review and will consist of classroom and hands on experience. Please note there will be climbing on ladders, stooping, and light lifting in the hands on part of the program.

Lighting Assistant (in no particular order)

  • Script breakdowns
  • Principles of lighting design
  • Lighting equipment names and uses
  • Hanging, focusing, and gelling of instruments
  • Wiring and patching
  • Practical instruments use and wiring
  • Basic repair and troubleshooting
  • Spotlights use and operation
  • Basic programming

Stage Manager (in no particular order)

  • Stages of production
  • Paperwork
  • Setting up prompt books
  • Calling a show over headset
  • Cast and crew communication
  • Theater procedures including emergencies
  • Giving call times, breaks, and keeping time
  • Taking rehearsal notes
  • Setting up a SM kit

Sound Assistant (in no particular order)

  • Script breakdowns
  • Principles of sound design and live sound reinforcement
  • Sound equipment names and uses
  • Recording performers and instruments
  • Wireless microphone setup and care
  • Analogue and digital patching and signal flow
  • Basic repair and troubleshooting
  • Live sound mixing
  • Placing microphones on performers and instruments
  • Basic projections principles and operation

Annie, Dog Audition

We will be accepting submissions throughout the year and make a choice closer to the November 2020 show. If offered a call back the owners will be notified and the dogs will have to perform in person in front of the director the same tricks that were in their video audition. If chosen, it will be the owner's responsibility to get the dog back and forth for all performances and rehearsals. Please note more than one dog may be cast. The Dog will have to be present the week prior to tech week and on the tech week prior to opening.

The dog needs to be a Sandy colored in any breed of a medium to larger size and well behaved. It must be a non barker and okay with being crated when not performing.

In the video the dog needs to come to a person not using the dog's real name possibly even by hand cues. They need to sit and any other special tricks would be great to show like shaking, laying down, or barking on command. 

Video files can be sent to Shawn Ramagos or emailed to


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