There are many ways to give to Camelot. We invite you to choose the way that is most meaningful for you. Whether you would like to donate cash or stock, select a commemorative gift or provide needed items, we appreciate contributions in any amount. Camelot is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and we will send you a tax-deductible gift receipt. Federal tax # 93-0818429

For more information or to make a gift, please contact Dann Hauser at 541-535-5250 x104.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask for your support to keep Camelot strong by donating cancelled performance tickets back to the Theatre or making a separate $25 donation while the Theatre remains dark.

In gratitude, for every ticket donation and contribution we will send you a THEATRE STRONG™ wristband to proudly show your support of live theatre in Southern Oregon.

We need your help and support to remain strong!

Annual Operations

Performing arts organizations cannot rely on ticket sales alone to cover production and administrative costs each season, and Camelot is no exception. A gift of cash or stock is most helpful in addressing these needs. We particularly appreciate our Excalibur Society members whose pledges of $500 or more for the following year enable stable and predictable fiscal planning.

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Make a Commemorative Gift

Just as Camelot celebrates the human spirit, a gift to Camelot that honors another is a wonderful way to celebrate their achievements. Commemorative gifts can also serve to demonstrate your own support of live theatre. Note: there is a limited supply of the commemorative options. Check with the Box Office to ensure availability of the preferred item before donating with commemoration in mind.

Commemorative options include pavers, seats, dressing stations and trees. Click here for details of each option. 

Gift In-Kind

In-kind gifts are as valuable as cash to Camelot and are also fully tax-deductible. See our current wish list.

  • event and entertainment venues, including private homes
  • catering and restaurant services for special events
  • wine or champagne for special events
  • vintage costumes from the 1940s or earlier (in good condition)
  • contractor overruns of lumber and other building supplies

Support the Future of Live Theatre

The Camelot Conservatory offers comprehensive training of young theatre artists while developing self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills and fostering an enduring appreciation of live theatre. Experienced theatre professionals provide instruction in a nurturing environment. The six-week Camelot Musical Theatre Conservatory program culminates in a professionally directed production with full participation by all students.

Support for this program is the mission of Camelot's Guinevere Society, whose members contribute $250 or more annually.

Give Double: Ask Your Employer to Match Your Contribution

Some employers will double or triple their employees’ contributions to nonprofit organizations. It’s a great way to make your gift to Camelot go further at no extra cost to you. Plus, you’ll receive giving recognition at the level that includes the matching gifts made on your behalf. Contact your human resources department to see if you qualify.

At Camelot we believe that diversity and inclusion make us stronger and enrich all of our lives. Diversity means inviting new people of different cultures, color, sexual orientation, etc., to the party...inclusion means asking them to dance. As Maya Angelou wrote: “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal ....”

Camelot Theatre is a non-profit public charity as outlined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Business ID 93-0818429.